Cuban: masturbation with breasts

Tuesday, 05 September 2023

There are many specific terms that we can find in the world of sex. Cuban or Cuban straw is one of them.

What is a Cuban ? Beyond a woman born in Cuba , a practice of masturbation done with breasts .

This practice can be carried out in two ways:

  1. Placing the penis between the woman's breasts so that the woman then moves them in a way that stimulates and provides pleasure to the male member.
  2. Placing the phallus between the woman's breasts so that, then, the man, moving back and forth, imitates the gestures of penetration. There are many people who call this modality Cuban intercourse .


It is difficult to find a specific origin to this form of masturbation or intercourse . Many experts believe that it is natural to the human being. In other words, it exists since sex exists. Many studies, however, point out that Cuban straws became especially fashionable from the 17th century, since in the decades of that century a female beauty canon prevailed in which voluptuous women with large breasts predominated above all else. .

It is said that the term was coined during the Spanish domination of the island of Cuba. Intermammary masturbation was, apparently, one of the practices that the island's prostitutes performed on their clients. Whether this statement is true or not cannot be proven, since there are no historiographic records that certify it.

Cuban straw

How do you say make a Cuban straw in other countries?

Calling this sexual practice Cuban straw is not universal. Breast masturbation has very different names depending on the country in which we are.

In the United States, for example, it is called a boob job or titty-fucking . In Germany it is called, tittenfick . Both the English and German versions make reference to tit-fucking . That is to say: they refer to the idea of intermammary intercourse.

In Japan, for its part, it is called paizuri ; in the Netherlands russisch ; in the UK, french fuck .

Spagnola, branlette espagnole and espanhola are the names that the Cuban receives in Italy, France and Portugal and Brazil, respectively. It is said that it could have been Spanish prostitutes or Spanish women in general (and hence the name of such a stimulating practice) who brought it learned from the Caribbean island and began practicing it here at the end of the 19th century.

In Latin America, finally, and depending on the country we are in, we can hear Cuban straw referred to as making a Russian, a French, a Turkish or a Swedish one.

From all this hodgepodge of terms to refer to the same sexual act we can only draw one conclusion: that feeling masturbated by breasts or having intercourse with them appeals to men from all corners of the planet.

tit masturbation

How to make a Cuban?

Given the success of this sexual practice, a woman who practices it well has earned many points with her partner.

Making a Cuban is not complicated but, like everything, it has its little tricks to improve it and turn it into something especially unforgettable.

The first thing that can be thought of is that to jerk off your breasts they must be of a respectable size. Certainly, big tits make it easier to perform a titfuck, but they are not essential. A good technique can make up for a certain shortage of breast volume.

To start this type of handjob, you must first take the penis gently and gently stimulate it both with your hand and with your mouth. Oral sex is always a good way to warm up a guy and get him in the mood.

After this brief and gentle manual and oral stimulation, it is time to start masturbating with the breasts . To do this, it is essential to take a little intimate lubricant and rub the canal with it, that is, the space between the breasts and the inside of them.

Once the area is soft and lubricated, the girl will place the boy's phallus between her breasts and, to increase the friction on it, she will use her hands to bring the tits together and thus make it tighter.

The lubricant, placed there, will allow the penis to slide in a very pleasant way while the tits move following the usual movement of straws, up and down.

The ideal when performing this movement is to start at a slow pace and progressively increase it to make it faster.

Undoubtedly, this practice is very morbid and pleasurable for all men, since the breasts are one of the areas of the female anatomy that men like the most.

How to make a Cuban