Cuban: masturbation with breasts

The Cuban straw is a sexual practice consisting of masturbating with the breasts. Learn the different names given to this form of masturbation and how to do it.


Fellatio: tips on how to give a good blowjob

Fellatio is a very exciting and pleasurable oral sex practice for men. In this post we talk about how to give a blowjob and improve blowjobs.

Royal Casino of Madrid

Real Casino de Madrid: the headquarters of the Paco Roncero restaurant

The Real Casino de Madrid is one of the most elegant buildings in the capital of Spain. It rents rooms for events and houses the Paco Roncero restaurant.


Tinder and other apps to flirt, find a partner and meet people

Meet Tinder and other apps to flirt, find a partner and meet people such as Meetic, Badoo, eDarling, Happn, Grindr, Lovoo, Wapo, Bumble and other dating websites.


What are the favorite perfumes of escorts?

The selection of a perfume is a very important selection for the success of an escort. Depending on the date you have, there are more suitable perfumes than others.


What is a Sugar Baby and its relationship with a Sugar Daddy

What is a Sugar Baby? And a sugar daddy? Know the basic rules of the so-called sugar ratios and the main characteristics of babies and daddies.

Blanca Suarez

Blanca Suárez naked and fucking: her hottest photos

Blanca Suárez naked and fucking. Tour and praise of her career while we look at some of the hottest and most erotic XXX photos of the sexy actress from Madrid.

lingam massage

Lingam massage: step by step of the masculine tantric massage

lingam massage. Find out what this genital tantric massage for men consists of, what its benefits are, what oil to use and how to apply it step by step.

penis rings

Penis rings: what they are, how they are used and what they are for

Penis rings: how they are used and what they are for. Types of cock ring: vibrating, adjustable, metal, silicone... Learn how to put on a sex ring.

Erotic photo novels

Erotic photonovela: between porn comics and XXX movies

The erotic photonovela. Analysis of this pornographic genre on paper and online that is halfway between porn comics, erotic novels and XXX cinema.

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