Fellatio: tips on how to give a good blowjob

Friday, 02 June 2023

Oral sex is among the sexual practices preferred by both men and women, especially when acting as the passive part of the action. When it is the woman who receives the oral homage from her partner, the practice is called cunnilingus. When it is the man, we talk about fellatio .

Fellatio or fellatio is also popularly called blowjob , French or blowjob . Those who like the metaphor more or want to play or take risks in the field of creation can talk about "licking the lollipop", "swallowing the whiting", "swallowing the smoke" or, even, "mounting the white about to Somewhere we have come to read that the ancient Romans called this sexual practice "taking a man in liquid form".

In any case, whether it is called in a more scientific, popular, or inventive and imaginative way, what matters is what answers the question: what is fellatio?

Fellatio is the sexual practice consisting of the stimulation of the penis orally, with the tongue and the lips. Very stimulating and pleasurable, below we are going to give a series of tips on how to give fellatio .


Preparations for a good fellatio

Blowjobs have their own art and their own unwritten rules. We may think that giving a blowjob is something very simple. That it is enough to put the penis in the mouth and go up and down on its shaft. Or that it is enough to lick it with the tongue as if it were an ice cream.

There is no doubt that both in one case and in the other the man will experience pleasure and, in all probability, he will end up ejaculating. Not surprisingly, the phallus is among the main erogenous zones of the male body.

Any stimulation of the penis is usually a source of pleasure, but it has always been said that there are ways and means of doing things and the act of fellatio is not, in this sense, an exception. Anyone who wishes to learn how to give a good fellatio should follow a series of tips.

The first of them is to remember something that we should always keep in mind when enjoying sex. That something is that the rush does not suit sexual pleasure. It is true that the quickie or quickie has its charm because of its passion and instant and explosive release, but in sex the path is as important as the destination. And in fellatio it is even more so.

To reach a more intense orgasm , it is essential that the arousal gradually increases. The lips, the tongue, also the hands, must serve to stimulate other parts of the body before the mouth reaches the genital area and, therefore, the penis. Although this is the final destination, it is not necessary to put it in your mouth right off the bat. The progressive stimulation of the ears, neck, chest, thighs or English will serve to raise the temperature and excitement.

oral sex

How to give a good blowjob?

Once you have reached the genital area, you must remember that the glans is the most erogenous and sensitive part of the penis and, especially, the area surrounding the frenulum.

What do we mean by that? That oral stimulation of both the glans and the frenulum area is very exciting and pleasurable for men and that whether or not we can talk about a good blowjob depends on its correct stimulation.

This does not mean that we should put aside lip and tongue stimulation of other parts of the male genitalia . Licking, kissing, and gently nibbling the trunk of the penis can also be very stimulating for men. Just as it is very exciting, and too often forgotten, the massage of the testicles with the tongue and lips. Putting them in your mouth or sucking on them is a great way to turn the sexual temperature up a few degrees.

Another excellent way to increase the quality of fellatio is to have the help of a good lubricant. With a good intimate lubricant everything slides better. Also the mouth and, of course, also the lips and the tongue.

Once the penis is within reach of the mouth, the best option is to gently kiss the glans, as well as the trunk and testicles. While this is being done, you can take the penis in your hand and make the typical masturbatory movement of going up and down.

As we have indicated previously, as much as the end (orgasm) matters the path to follow until reaching it. That is why it is necessary to modulate both the intensity and the rhythm of the stimulation of the penis .

After the kisses, it's time to lick both the glans and the rest of the male member, making circular, horizontal and vertical movements.

Another thing that can be done (and is often done) at this point is to put your penis in your mouth and suck with your lips. A good blowjob is not the same if this suction effect is not produced, trying at all times not to hurt this sensitive part of the male anatomy with the teeth.

These would basically be the steps that every person wondering how to give a good blowjob should keep in mind. But there are a series of actions or practices that can be used to turn a good fellatio into a true work of oral sex art. We are going to talk about these practices in the next section.

Blow job

How to make fellatio more pleasant?

Among the practices that can be used to make a fellatio more stimulating and pleasant, we can find the following:

  • Stimulate the perineum area (located between the testicles and the anus), as well as the anus itself, in a gentle way and, especially, when reaching orgasm.
  • Stimulate the P point. For men without taboos, prostate stimulation (which is performed by inserting a finger or a sex toy specially designed for this purpose into the anus) is a source of great pleasure. Giving a man fellatio while stimulating his prostate leads to a more intense orgasm and, usually, a more copious ejaculation .
  • That whoever performs the blowjob look into the eyes of the person who is enjoying it. If the person giving the blowjob is a girl, it can also be very exciting to place the lubricated penis between the breasts and masturbate it with them.
  • Perform a deep throat . This practice is only recommended (in principle) to people trained in the art of blowjobs. Deep throating can be a good way to take blowjobs to the extreme, although it's not necessary to resort to this technique to make fellatio a real joy.

A good way to experiment with this sexual practice is to change your position. There are many positions that can be used to give another air to a blowjob. A very popular one is the 69 , an erotic position in which the two people who practice it are, at the same time, active and passive in this practice of oral sex. If performed by two men, it will consist of a double fellatio. If it is practiced by a boy and a girl, fellatio and cunnilingus will be performed.

Beyond the posture, you can also experiment with vibrations (using a vibrating ring) or temperature (playing with ice or with lubricants with effects.

Finally, we are going to give some advice that has to do with what is known as "safe sex". An unprotected fellatio has its risks, especially if it ends up ingesting the semen. To minimize them and avoid the possible spread of an STD, it is always best (especially when having sex with an unstable partner) to use a condom. Flavored condoms are, in this case, highly recommended.

Many people consider this practice a kind of simple precoital warm-up. We believe that the pleasures that can be derived from it are so intense (if it is practiced well and exploiting all its possibilities) that the existence of vaginal or anal penetration is not required to make sense of it and turn it into a very, very pleasant experience. .

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