Tinder and other apps to flirt, find a partner and meet people

Monday, 16 January 2023

Tinder is undoubtedly one of the most famous dating apps in the world. There are many people who have been able to find a partner thanks to this dating website .

If you want to meet people , this app is a tool that, when used properly, can be very useful.

This social network is available in more than 190 countries and according to official data it has been downloaded more than 340 million times and has versions translated into more than 40 languages.

In this article we are going to explain how this dating app works and we are also going to mention another series of applications that, being direct competitors of the one to which we are dedicating this post, can also be used to make new friends and, above all, to find that who was popularly always called "the better half".

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How to create a Tinder profile?

It was in August 2012 when iOS launched what is now the first dating app in the world (especially among the youngest). During this decade, the application has evolved a lot and the changes that have occurred in it have been substantial. That hasn't stopped it from remaining true to a number of founding basics.

Much of the success of this dating app is based on its ease of use. To use Tinder (and as with other dating apps ) the first thing to do is, logically, enter the application.

For this you have to download Tinder . It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android on the Google Play Store . It doesn't matter what device and/or system you have: the interface is the same in both and both systems offer the same functionality when it comes to running the application.

Once the application is downloaded, and as with other applications of this type, you must create a profile.

You do not need to pay anything for this. It will only be necessary to pay and give a credit card or specify another payment method if you want to access Premium utilities. We will talk about them later.

The data needed to create a profile and personalize it are the following:

  • Email.
  • Name.
  • Age.
  • A profile picture (at least). As in all apps of this type, it is recommended to place a photo that is striking, since that is the first information that other users receive from one.

The user of the platform, at this point, can expand his profile. To do this, you can fill in a description of up to 499 characters and you can specify both your profession and the company you work for.

Completed the profile, you can start using this app.


How does Tinder work?

The great innovation that Tinder web and Tinder app brought to the universe of dating applications was the system by which the user can decide who they like and who they don't.

Whoever enters the page will see a series of cards with the name, age and a profile picture of the people who are close to him. After viewing the photos, the user can hover over a profile and slide it to the right or to the left. What determine these movements? The next:

  • If you slide to the right: the indicated profile likes ( Like ).
  • If you swipe to the left: the indicated profile is not liked (Dislike).
  • If it slides up: it gutta a lot ( Super Like ).

The "magic" on Tinder happens when two users give each other a like. Then what is called Match is produced, which is nothing more than the objective and the axis around which this app revolves to meet people .

Match means that two people like each other and therefore you can start talking in a private chat. In Tinder it is an essential requirement to be able to talk to someone that someone has expressed through their like that they like us.

And what is the Superlike for? To give notice to a person and that he receives a notification.

Users who use Tinder for free have a generous amount of likes available to them to use on a daily basis, but that amount is not infinite. There is a limitation of daily likes.

In the next section we are going to see what are the main features of the paid versions of the application, Tinder Plus , Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum .


Paid Tinder: Gold, Plus and Platinum

As we have seen in the previous section, the free modality of the page offers its users a limit of likes per day. It also does not allow us to know who has given us a like unless we, by chance, also like those people.

To avoid these restrictions, you have to subscribe to one of the two paid versions and choose a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription. The longer the subscription period, the cheaper it is monthly.

The Plus version offers unlimited likes, allows you to find matches in places far from our location, makes our profile only be seen by those people we like, allows 5 superlikes a day, offers unlimited rewinds (that is, we can see those profiles again which we previously removed) and offers one free Boost per month.

What is a Boost? The Boost allows our profile to be placed in the top area of our geographical area for 30 minutes. This increases our chances of finding matches. Tinder Boost increases visits to our profile by ten.

The Gold version, for its part, in addition to the features offered by the Plus, allows us to discover who has liked us and makes a selection of profiles for us based on our tastes. It also allows us to choose who can see our profile.

Finally, Tinder Platinum, the top paid version of this dating site , includes the same advantages that users of the Plus and Gold versions enjoy, plus two more:

  • That of being able to write a message to another user before making a match.
  • That of giving our likes greater relevance thanks to the Priority Like function.

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Other dating apps

Just because Tinder is the world's most famous dating app doesn't mean it's the only one. There are more dating applications on the market and all of them, to a greater or lesser extent, can serve their users to meet girls and boys and, if the stars are conjugated, to flirt .

Among all these dating websites we can highlight the following:

  • Meetic . This is one of the most important dating sites in the world. Founded in France in 2001, today it is spread all over the world. Its target audience are people between the ages of 25 and 49. It is the page to find a partner most used in Spain.
  • Badoo . Founded in 2006 and initially associated with Facebook, this dating page allows its users to connect with people far from their location.
  • Grindr . This social network competes in popularity with Tinder. Aimed at gay, bi, trans and queer users, it has more than 30 million users. This gay app was created in 2009 and works in more than 192 countries. Geolocation via GPS plays an essential role in it.
  • eDarling . Founded in Germany in 2008, this dating platform is among the top dating sites in Europe. Since its creation, this site has focused its type of user among those who are looking for a stable and lasting love relationship.
  • Happn . Directly related to Facebook, this app to find a partner works fundamentally around geolocation. The app alerts its users when they come across others who are also using it. The maximum distance at which users must be for contact to occur is 500 meters.

In addition to those mentioned, which are among the most famous and used contact pages , we can also highlight others such as Lovoo , Wapo , POF , Bumble , Adopta un Tío or Twoo .

Undoubtedly, there are many options that people (regardless of our age, gender or sexual orientation) now have to flirt online .

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