What is a Sugar Baby and its relationship with a Sugar Daddy

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

What is a Sugar Baby? If we resorted to the direct translation of this expression, we would say that a "sugar baby", but this translation would not be of much use to define what a character with these characteristics is and what he does.

The English term Sugar Baby is used to refer to a young woman willing to become intimate with someone in a permanent way in order for that someone to pay her, for example, university studies, or in her case any type of material goods. But it should not be confused with an "escort", since "escorts" are sex professionals who share intimacy limiting time and money.

The most common is that the babys are university students who seek the economic security and support that a mature, upper-class man can provide. In exchange for this support, the young woman provides company both in work events and meetings and in leisure time.

What is a young girl looking for in such a relationship. The websites that are dedicated to putting girls and mature men in contact and successful (and which we will talk about later) highlight that a Sugar Baby seeks above all:

  • Knowledge provided by an experienced mentor who will teach them how to achieve their goals.
  • Economic support to be able to enjoy a series of whims (clothes and brand accessories, trips...).
  • Social status. Moving with adults who are well situated socially and economically can allow the baby to move in exclusive circles that will allow her contacts that, in the medium or long term, can have a very positive effect on her life.

The relationship of a sugar babe with that person (referred to as Sugar Daddy ) is presented as a relationship between adults based on the exchange of mutual benefits.

Sugar Babe

Sugar Daddy: definition and profile

What is a Sugar Daddy? As a general rule, and as we have indicated, he is an adult and successful man with a high economic capacity and who can afford, due to his comfortable economic situation, to gratify a Sugar Girl with dinners, trips, outings, gifts and, sometimes also money.

When SD doesn't have much of a budget and can't give regular support to Sugar , they talk about that man being a Splenda Daddy .

The Salt Daddies , on the other hand, are those men who, when it comes to relating to the SB, only seek to have sexual relations.

Some consider that this form of relationship between men and women is a form of prostitution. Those who defend Sugardating , on the contrary, maintain that the Baby does not prostitute herself, since the payment is not made by hours or fractions of time and the payment, moreover, is not usually made to the girl, but is made, for example , to the university (to pay tuition), to the dealer (when buying a new motorcycle or car), to the owner of the apartment (if it is the rent of the same that is paid), etc.

Another of the arguments that advocates of "sugar relationships" often use to deny that it is a form of prostitution is that the relationships sought are medium or long term.


Sugardating: types of relationships between babies and daddies

In Sugardating nothing is written. Like any relationship between two adults, this one can reach the limits that girls and dads want. The following types of relationships can occur between the baby and her sugar daddy:

  • friendly. The two parties seek to establish a friendship and receive and give support that is based above all on morality and that seeks above all the most playful aspect of a relationship.
  • Without obligation. In this case, an affective connection is recognized, but the commitment acquired with him is neither exclusive nor makes it possible to make plans for the future.
  • Informal. The appointments take place in a discontinuous way and without one part or the other considering "getting older".
  • Exclusive. In this type of relationship, the search for an affective component that is also exclusive is clear.
  • open. Both the daddy and the baby have parallel relationships (which can range from a courtship to a marriage) to the one they have with each other.
  • Would. Share everything with the other. That is the objective of those who, within sugardating, seek to maintain that the ties established with the other party are completely serious ties.

Having seen the types of relationships that can occur between a Baby and a Daddy, we are now going to see what platforms exist to put one and the other in contact.


Apps and platforms Babies and Daddies

On the Internet we can find various platforms that allow one party and another to contact each other. One of the most popular is Seeking Arrangement (which could be translated as something like "Looking for Agreement"). Another very popular website with these characteristics is MissTravel, which could be translated as "Miss Travel" or "Miss Traveler".

The argument used by these pages is very clear. Seeking , for example, notes on its official website that "There is nothing wrong with a grown woman acting on her natural preference for successful men, and there is nothing wrong with a grown man enjoying a relationship with a successful woman." that she is attracted to her state.”

In Spain we have Zukery , a recently created website based in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid and with strict access controls to be a member. Also on this site, the subscribers are the sugar girls and they are the users who contact them without having to create a profile. Zukery.com specifies the rules that each of the parties must comply with. Compliance with these rules is essential so that we can talk about Sugardating and not about other types of relationships between adults.

Along with this platform, we can also highlight the existence of websites such as Mysugaerdaddy or SugarDaters . This second is a Danish platform that debuted in our country in 2019. In its first year, it reached more than 15,000 users. Sugar Daters also offers the possibility of contacting 'sugar mums', that is: with mature women who, in exchange for money or other types of compensation, give "love" to young boys.

In countries like the United States or Mexico, "sugar relationships" are much more widespread than in Europe, where very often, and despite the arguments put forward above, this phenomenon is related to the idea of covert prostitution.

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