What are the favorite perfumes of escorts?

Monday, 27 June 2022

The attraction we feel towards a woman is the result of a series of factors that we are not always aware of. The visual aspect matters, of course, a lot. But sight is not the only sense involved in the process of attraction. There is one that we tend to forget and that is very important: smell. The escorts , as attraction professionals, know this and that is why they carefully choose the fragrances with which to perfume themselves. We are going to talk about it in this post: the escorts' favorite perfumes .

The smell of a person triggers chemical reactions in our brain. In that sense, we behave like what we basically are: animals. And as animals that we are, we let ourselves be carried away on many occasions by instincts. Women, who have known about this since the world began, have historically used fragrances as a weapon of seduction.

And this is not invented by Coco Chanel . And, if not, ask the sex professionals . Luxury escorts know to what extent a fragrance can serve to create that atmosphere of sensuality in which everything is experienced with greater intensity.

What fragrances are preferred by escorts when it comes to perfume? Mainly four: rose, jasmine, leather and sandalwood. Let's see below the characteristics of each of them.

Escort perfume choice

Favorite fragrances of escorts

The most classic fragrance among the classics is that of the rose . Even today it is at the base of many colognes and perfumes . Very popular both for its showiness and for its intoxicating aroma, many luxury prostitutes choose colognes with this olfactory note to increase their sensuality and elegance.

What makes the rose so special? That intense but delicate combination that makes it easily recognizable. Perfumes made with roses are also relatively cheap, something highly valued by many escorts.


Another one of those absolutely essential flowers when creating any women's perfume . Jasmine has always had a unique and special fragrance and is also an incredible point of attraction for many men. We find it in nature, in an even more widespread way than the roses themselves, and that also surprises us when we smell it on a female body. Jasmine usually looks great in any perfume to which a few acid or citrus drops have also been added, as they enhance that fragrance even more. Escorts tend to use it especially when they are going to have meetings with businessmen who are used to this type of slightly more subtle but equally suggestive perfume.

Perfumes and escorts


And we now move on to perfumes beyond flowers, starting with leather. This material already has a clear erotic and sensual connotation, perhaps due to the very history of leather garments, or simply because its fragrance awakens an animal instinct in men. That is why it is so appropriate for escorts, who are always looking for that absolute desire in their clients. It is quite a strong fragrance so a couple of drops will be enough to last the entire appointment, and even a good part of the day. In addition, the leather becomes much more apparent during sex due to the sweat that comes off the body. That is why these perfumes can never be missing from the collection of any professional lover.


And finally we are going to talk about Sandalwood, one of the most exotic but also most successful fragrances of recent times. Coming from a plant native to India, this fragrance has become indisputable for many women who want to give their body a more special touch with their perfume. Unlike everything else, smelling it brings us to those intense flavors of Asian cuisine, where sandalwood is also sometimes used. It is a risky perfume if we want to go subtle, but it can be very effective if we go with everything. For escorts it is usually very useful because it is an overwhelming security that the client is going to go crazy just by approaching and smelling her.

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