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Monday, 16 May 2022

We were so calm, sitting on the sofa at home watching El internado , when suddenly she appeared, with her name of purity, to fill the screen and populate our dirtiest and most murky dreams. We are talking about Blanca Suárez , one of our actresses with the most projection and, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and sexy in Spanish cinema.

She appeared dressed as a schoolgirl, as sexy as she could be, with her petite skirt, her expressive gaze, her beautiful eyes and her full lips, converted into the perfect expression of what is morbid. We were shocked at that moment as we had already been shocked, a few chapters before, by his co-star Ana de Armas. Television series also become famous for these things: for gathering beauties in their cast.

That pretty and provocative schoolgirl seduced us at first glance. We saw in her a lot of provocative, a certain perversion. That is why we decided to follow in his professional footsteps. Beauties have to be followed wherever they go. We don't know at what point the script will require them to undress and, beyond their acting merits, the truth is that the stimulation of seeing Blanca Suárez naked is intense enough to continue her career.

Blanca Suarez porn

This has been growing little by little since that distant day in 2007 in which we saw her appear in that mysterious boarding school to play the role of Julia Medina and steal our hearts. Since then, the actress from Madrid has been, among others, the Ainhoa of El Barco , the Norma of The Skin I Live In , the Ruth of The Passing Lovers , Queen Elizabeth I of Portugal in the television biopic on the life of Emperor Carlos V .

She has also been Isabel Garrido in Jaguar , Carla in Perdiendo el Norte , Méndez in Time After and will be Lorena in The Fourth Passenger , a film directed by Álex de la Iglesia and in which the sexy actress from Madrid will share the spotlight with the actors Alberto San Juan , Ernesto Alterio and Rubén Cortada.

Blanca Suarez nude

Blanca Suarez nude

In all those roles that we have mentioned, the actress from Madrid has made us be amazed with that beauty and that carnality of hers full of a morbidity and a lewdness that was already evident in a memorable scene in El internado . In the scene we are talking about, the young actress, then 19 years old, entered the classroom wearing a black T-shirt that read: "Don't look at my boobs ."

That the professor reproached her way of dressing did not wrinkle the rebellious girl. This, absolutely cheeky, took off her shirt to reveal a sexy black bra that served to contain the freshness and exuberance of her beautiful breasts.

After that time we have seen Blanca Suárez in a bikini or bra on many occasions. Not surprisingly, she was the star of an advertising campaign for the Calzedonia brand. In that campaign, the Madrilenian shone with all its splendor and all its freshness. But on that occasion the sight of her torso barely covered by a bra was so shocking that we still haven't fully recovered from that rush of desire that planted itself in our crotch.

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Turned into a celebrity, gossip magazines have followed her career, her sentimental ups and downs and she has machine-gunned us with her beautiful image. We have seen her on the catwalks and photo booths of the most important film festivals and we have seen her in a tracksuit, throwing the garbage, with a wonderful extra kilo and sometimes, also, with the odd kilo of less. Of course: we have always seen it absolutely desirable.

Her topless while bathing and playing shovels on the beach, appeared in one of those magazines we talked about, made her close to us and drew us within reach. Blanca Suárez XXX , queen of Instagram , began to set a trend. The girls wanted to show off their bangs, their haircuts, their dresses. We, meanwhile, dreamed of her naked.

Blanca Suarez fucking

Blanca Suarez fucking

Dreaming of Blanca Suárez naked became inevitable for us as it was inevitable for us to imagine her in bed, abandoned to the fever of sex. As had already happened to us with the Cuban Ana de Armas (also almost just out of adolescence, also with a falsely angelic air, also morbid to say the least), we recognized ourselves as fetishists of those lolitas dressed as schoolgirls and with a vicious appearance that star so many and so many porn videos .

We saw you dressed as a cute schoolgirl and we asked ourselves: what should Blanca Suárez be like when fucking ? And we imagined you fucking a horny woman who likes to give everything and demands the most. A woman without taboos when it comes to enjoying sex. Pure demand.

Maybe that's why you were changing boyfriends or partners so often. From time to time we approached Google, we typed Blanca Suárez boyfriend , and as soon as it took us between searches, we always found a different name.

When searching for Blanca Suárez as a couple , we found the names of Javier Pereira, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Joel Bosqued, Mario Casas, Javier Rey... All of them men related to their profession, all of them people envied by those who, like us, we stay awake at night, erect, dreaming of Blanca Suárez naked and fucking . We dedicate this tribute to her. To her, in private, with or without a male masturbator at hand, we also dedicate a much more particular tribute.

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