Lingam massage: step by step of the masculine tantric massage

Monday, 07 March 2022

Among the different types of massages included under the umbrella of Tantra, one of the most popular is the lingam massage . This ritual, which focuses its attention on men, is based on the manual stimulation of the male genital area.

Talking about this type of stimulation leads many people to think that putting it into practice is something like performing a form of masturbation . Nothing is further from reality. Whoever masturbates or is masturbated pursues orgasm and, with it, ejaculation. The objective of this practice is another. What he pursues is a kind of sexual healing to, with it, reach a higher level in personal evolution.

In this article we are going to explain what lingam is , how this tantric massage is performed step by step and what its benefits are.


What is lingam?

Light rod. That is exactly what the Sanskrit term lingam means. In Tantra , to speak of him is to speak of the male sexual organ par excellence: the penis . This organ, contemplated from the point of view of sacred sexuality, is responsible for giving pleasure and providing or increasing creative energy.

It is precisely that organ (the phallus) that is massaged when this tantric massage for men is applied. But not only he is the center of attention of this massage technique. So are the testicles, the perineum, and the prostate.

As we have indicated previously, what is pursued with this manual stimulation of these deeply erogenous zones of the male anatomy is not so much an explosive final orgasm as a wave of multiple orgasms that occur throughout the session but without these orgasms being directly associated. to ejaculation.

Thanks to this experience, the person who enjoys this genital massage manages to awaken their Kundalini energy . It also manages to channel the sexual energy generated by the root chakra. The channeling of this energy allows to heal illnesses of a mental and emotional nature. At certain levels of practice and deepening of tantric knowledge, enlightenment or samadhi can also be achieved.

These would be the main benefits of massage lingam. But it has more. We are going to talk about them next.

How to do Lingam massage

Benefits of tantric massage for men

Among the benefits of this type of stimulation we can highlight the following:

  • Helps control premature ejaculation.
  • Helps treat situations of erectile dysfunction, insensitivity or genital hypersensitivity.
  • Helps relieve psychological problems related to fear or insecurities.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improves breathing.

The main benefit of this type of tantric massage is, without a doubt, that it helps to disassociate and distinguish the terms orgasm (which is an energetic phenomenon) and ejaculation (which is a chemical phenomenon.

Thanks to this practice, the emptying of energy that is ejaculation is avoided. Thanks to this massage technique, we make better use of our orgasmic energy and use it to advance along the paths of Tantra.

What has been said before... does it mean that we should avoid ejaculating by all means? No. Far from it. Not ejaculating by system when the body asks to do so can end up causing serious physical problems.

It's okay not to ejaculate from time to time on those occasions when the body asks to do so, but doing it by system can produce, at least, prostatitis. Some also say that it can favor the appearance of prostate cancer and lead to mental problems.

As is often said, it is better to enjoy this practice in its proper measure and understand it correctly. There is no need to become a non-ejaculate fanatic. You can enjoy the wonderful sensations of a lingam massage to, in the end, relieve yourself with an intense and wonderful orgasm accompanied by its corresponding ejaculation.

If you live in the capital of Spain, you have at your fingertips to enjoy an experience of these characteristics. All you have to do is type in your internet search engine massage lingam Madrid to discover a list of spas and massage centers where you can enjoy the benefits derived from this wonderful erotic-tantric practice.

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step by step lingam massage

Considering the philosophy that accompanies this tantric practice and knowing its many benefits when enjoyed with restraint and knowledge, we are going to see how a massage of this type is applied.

The first thing to do is create an ideal environment to enjoy an experience of this type. Intimacy is needed, of course, but also warm light, a pleasant temperature, a good smell (candles, incense, perfume...), perhaps even relaxing music. In Madrid you can find an erotic masseuse who will always take these details into account.

Stimulating as many senses as possible is the best way to enjoy such an experience and extract maximum benefits from it.

Once the necessary relaxed and intimate atmosphere has been created, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Use a natural oil of your choice to lubricate the penis, scrotum, perineum and anus. What oil? The one you like best. Argan, coconut or almond oils are three good massage oils for this type of practice. When applying the lubricant, avoid flooding the anal area with it, as it can be annoying for the person receiving the massage.
  2. Perform penis stretches. This will help your erection and, at the same time, prevent the pelvic floor area from becoming congested.
  3. It stimulates the testicles slowly. You can, from time to time, pick them up and "pull" them extremely gently. All this, apart from being very pleasant for those who are stimulated, also enhances the secretion of male hormones.
  4. Massage the perineum. This area of the male anatomy is usually more loaded than we think. By massaging it, it encourages blood to flow to the genital area. According to tantric thought, sexual energy also flows with it.
  5. Stimulates the anus. With this, slowly and gently, your relaxation will be achieved. Once the anus is relaxed, the prostate massage can be practiced. The prostate, we must not forget, is the male G-spot. Its stimulation allows more intense orgasms. A prostate lingam is a source of great pleasure for those men who, freed from taboos, consent to anal stimulation.

All these steps that we have indicated must be accompanied by a good dose of love or, if you prefer to call it that, respect and devotion towards the body of the other. Living this practice in this way, you will enjoy it much more. The laws of Tantra determine that this type of practice must be lived as a form of meditation.

If the instructions are not entirely clear to you, go to your internet browser, type lingam video massage and see what the internet has to offer. It sure teaches you a lot about this type of practice.

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