Penis rings: what they are, how they are used and what they are for

Thursday, 27 January 2022

There are very popular sex toys. Everyone talks about vibrators and Satisfyer- type clitoral suckers. But there are very humble looking sextoys that are very effective and are of great help when it comes to intensifying sexual pleasure. One of these erotic products are penis rings .

We are going to talk about the functions of penis rings , the types that can be found on the market and how to place and use them in this post.

What is the penis ring for?

This erotic item is designed to create a slight blood congestion in the male member. This slight congestion is what allows the penis ring to fulfill a series of functions that could be summed up in one: to provide more pleasure not only to the man, but also to the woman.

The main functions of the cock ring are the following:

  • Facilitates longer lasting and powerful erections.
  • It delays ejaculation, which makes it a very helpful sex toy when it comes to fighting premature ejaculation.
  • It stimulates the phallus and the clitoris at the same time.
  • Allows you to experience more intense orgasms.


types of sex rings

If you want to enjoy the wonderful features of this toy for adults, you should know that there are many types of them and that the choice, due to this variety, is not always easy.

There are elastic and there are rigid. There are some to embrace only the base of the penis and there are some to also embrace the scrotum. There are standard-sized ones and there are also some for somewhat more special phallus sizes. There are those with vibration, with remote control, with a prostate stimulator...

The most common types are the following:

  • With vibration. The vibrating ring is equipped with a small but usually powerful motor that is used to provide very special sensations. The most sophisticated have remote control.
  • Adjustable. This type of cock ring is highly recommended for those who have not yet used a cock ring . Not surprisingly, there are those who may be afraid to use a rigid one. Adjusting the tension can give the novice that extra security they need to fully trust this type of item. Rings of this type have a sliding loop that allows it to be tightened or loosened according to the needs of the moment. Within this type we can find games that include adjustable rings only for the phallus, for the testicles or for both.
  • With anal and prostate stimulation. These rings are specially designed to fulfill a double function. On the one hand they fulfill the usual functions of a ring and on the other they have an appendage intended to be inserted into the anus and to stimulate the prostate .
  • For couples. What is the novelty that these models present compared to others? They have a special design and usually vibrate to allow clitoral stimulation while the man is penetrating the woman.
  • Of metal. If the adjustable one is the most recommended sex ring for those who are starting to use this type of erotic toy , the metal one is the ideal one for those who have already experimented with this type of sex toy for some time. His grip is firm. It is not recommended to use it when you have no experience. They are not easy to remove in an emergency.

Given the different types of penis rings on the market, we must refer to the materials with which these toys can be made. The most common are stainless steel and silicone.

Silicone rings, in addition to their pleasant touch, are easier to put on and take off than stainless steel or other rigid materials. The fact that it allows a certain level of blood flow reduces the risk of accidents.

Penis ring with vibrator

How are penis rings used?

Chosen the type of hoop to be used, you have to know how to put it on. How do you put on a penis ring ?

The first thing to keep in mind is that to place it, the phallus must be in a flaccid or semi-flaccid state.

In this state, the ring will be placed on the glans and will be carried to the middle of the member. Once arrived there, the ring will be taken to wherever it is desired. It can be carried to the end of the phallus and can also be carried further back than the testicles. The most common is to place it at the base of the virile member, although there are those who place it in the middle or even at the tip, practically on the glans. Experimenting with the various options can be a good way to get more pleasure out of this little toy.

When placing the ring, it must be assessed that it is tight but without pain. Placed, it should fit at least one finger. Keep in mind that the phallus will increase in size when stimulated or excited. The abnormal swelling of the penis indicates that it is too pressed and, therefore, that we must remove the ring immediately.

To know what diameter the ring should have, the perimeter of the penis should be measured with a tape measure when it is erect and the result obtained should be divided by 3.14. The resulting figure will be the diameter.

A good way to make ring removal easier in an emergency is to have used a water -based lubricant. The use of intimate lubricant will also avoid possible skin reactions. If any irritation is noted, the ring should be removed immediately.

The use of this type of sex toy is also compatible with the use of condoms. The user should first put the condom on with a fully erect penis, add a few drops of lubricant to the condom, and then carefully put on the ring.

There are two things not to do when wearing a cockring:

  • Use it for more than 30 minutes.
  • Take erection pills while using.

To use a penis ring it is also recommended to shave the pubic hair. That the hairs of the genital area remain entangled in the ring is not pleasant at all.

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