Erotic photonovela: between porn comics and XXX movies

Monday, 10 January 2022

There are narrative formats or genres that have been unfairly denigrated throughout history. Just as the comic , for example, has managed to earn a well-deserved prestige, the fotonovela has not achieved that applause from the intellectuals. And that despite the enormous popular pull that it had during much of the second half of the 20th century both in purely romantic themes and in themes of a more erotic nature. In this article we are going to talk about the erotic photonovela , its characteristics and its presence still in the bottomless universe of the Internet.

Photonovelas were created in Italy at the end of the 1940s. Marked by neorealism , they later triumphed among popular audiences in France, Spain and finally Latin America. In Mexico, it is in one of the countries where this genre has most triumphed.

Denigrated by intellectuals on both the right and left and by the Church itself (Pope John XXIII condemned it in a 1959 encyclical), surely the format of the photonovela was frowned upon by many sectors because more than once it put its finger in the picture. sore on thorny issues such as divorce or female emancipation.

And if the Church shouted in heaven at creations of a romantic nature ... what was it not to say about erotic photonovels ? And it is that these little by little began to gain presence in many kiosks and also in the bedroom drawers of many couples.

Erotic comic

Characteristics of erotic photonovelas

Halfway between porn comics and xxx movies , erotic photonovelas perfectly combine what is an erotic story and ordinary porn.

Like the XXX comic , this genre in which narrative and photography converge shows the thoughts of who participates in each scene.

If we look at the internet we will see that there are a series of websites that allow us to enjoy this erotic genre. One of those pages is Its founder, Diego Duron, affirms in an interview that this genre allows us to make a balance between history and sex, something that does not always happen in porn .

The fotonovelista, thus, is in charge of creating a story that allows the reader to feel like the protagonist of it. The feeling of fantasy thus becomes more alive.

What does an online erotic fotonovela need to be a good work? Basically four things:

  • A good narrative.
  • Some good dialogues.
  • A consistent story.
  • Some good characters.

Undoubtedly, something that is also required in other types of narrative genres, including porn comics , erotic novels and XXX movies. In those in which the image acquires an important role, it is also essential that the protagonists be physically attractive.

One of the drawbacks that is usually put to this genre is that it generally reproduces macho clichés. Its creators assume it. And they also assume that the recipients of the same are, in their vast majority, men. After assuming that, they invite women to become creators of erotic photonovelas online.


The online erotic photonovela replaces paper

The generation that has grown up in the midst of the explosion of online porn may be surprised by the existence of this genre, but it must be said that, for example, in the 70s it was very, very popular in Spain in magazine format. Even the world-renowned filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar wrote what would come to be the memoirs of an international star of pornographic novels . That character, Patty Diphusa, still remains in the imagination and memory of lovers of alternative culture in Spain.

To talk about this erotic genre in our country, one must cite titles such as Super Sex , Lib , Climax , Clio , Private , Sex O'M or other porn magazines in which this type of comics illustrated with erotic photographs used to appear or, directly, pornographic. In them a XXX story was told and couples appeared executing the most diverse sexual positions, penises and vaginas in the foreground, etc.

For many transitional teens, the porn comics told in these posts were a kind of school of sexuality. In them they discovered what fellatio is , the possibility of anal sex , different positions to enjoy in bed and, why not say it ?, what were (and what are) the sexual organs of women.

In the absence of a good sexual education, this graphic and narrative material helped many adolescents to enter (theoretically speaking) in the intricacies of sex. Things that have to be born in a society marked ideologically by associating the sexual with the sinful.

The progressive disappearance of this printed genre (it is no longer as present in newsstands as it was in the 70s and 80s) has not prevented its survival in the internet universe. As we have indicated previously, there are still web pages where you can enjoy it. Without the prestige and, surely, without the artistic and professional excellence that can be observed in many porn comics , erotic fotonovelas continue to be a source of pleasure and inspiration for all lovers of sex and its artistic and cultural representation.

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